Tuesday 7th February 2023
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

MinCoin (MNC) is an optimized version of Bitcoin that utilizes the scrypt POW algorithm. For 2017 MinCoin is re-invigorating it’s marketing campaign and will have featured news articles and promotions to engage online merchants, new users and new investors leveraging the Mincoin network and it’s fast transaction processing ability. Mincoin represents a “minimalist” approach to bitcoin’s blockchain based technologies, billing itself as the “one-minute coin” due to blockchain parameters which reward 2 MNC to Miners every single minute. Mincoin continues to attract both new users and developers and was even worthy of mention during the 2015 North American Bitcoin Conference.

The developers behind MinCoin are active and progressive. MinCoin has many things to offer over its competitors such as fast block times [60sec target], low daily inflation [only 2880 produced/day] and low total creation with only 10million to ever be created just to name a few. With its low total coin creation [Only 10million MinCoin will be created] and a low daily inflation rate of only 2880coins/day this CryptoCommodity has positioned itself as a promising long term investment prospect. Learn more at https://www.mincoin.us

Here are some of the recent improvements to the MinCoin Cryptocurrency Blockchain based protocol:

   Difficulty Adjustment by Dark Gravity Wave v3
   Mined Mincoins Fully Mature at 300 Confirmations
   Significantly Reduced Transaction Fees
   More Space in Each Block For zero/low-fee Transactions
   Larger Orphan Transaction Memory Pool
   Reduced Mininum Input Size to 25 Micro-Mincoins
   Full Service IPv4, IPv6 and Tor Seeds
   Fully Functional Testnet
   New Checkpoint
   Alert System Restored
   100% Overhaul of Mincoin Code
   Binaries Are Available on Our Homepage for Linux, Windows and macOS
   Community Site, Mincoin Forum Upgraded to Invision Power Board v4.2.x

Please visit the following sites for more MinCoin related information:

The MinCoin White-Paper


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