Tuesday 7th February 2023
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

Hello folks,

The new version of Machinecoin Core is, the archive below contains qt wallet, daemon and tools.  The files are statically linked and depends only few most popular system libraries. This build is recommended for RedHat/CentOS/Fedora, which distros use stripped SSL package.

File list:

machinecoin-qt – most popular graphical (X11) wallet. Full featured and easy to use for your daily needs.

machinecoind – the Machine daemon, to run it in background you may add daemon=1 in you machinecoin.conf file, located in your home .machinecoin/machinecoin.conf Or just run it with -daemon option from the command line.

machinecoin-cli Your command line Oracle to talk with the daemon. Useful to getinfo, getnewaddress etc. ex: machinecoin-cli getnewaddress

machinecoin-tx – Transaction utility, only Guru deal with it.

Linux IA64 (x86_64) binaries:

Linux ARM aarch64 binaries (not stripped):

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