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Mincoin (MNC)

You can buy/sell Mincoins again, thanks to Trade Satoshi exchange.

You can mine this coin with Scrypt miners, COINTECH’s pool with 1% fee is Mincoin P2Pool. P2Pool stratum server: mnc.cointech.net:9773 Username: your wallet address and any password.

Paper Wallet https://cointech.net/paperwallet/mincoin.html.

Block Explorer: https://mnc.cointech.net

Aurumcoin Au for Windows 64bit is ready for testing

The Wallet Aurumcoin AU version 12.0 beta1 for 64bit Windows ™ is ready for testing.


Well known bug: if you see message about wrong or Genesis block not found in the start, you probably have another wallet installed (most often Bitcoin). This can be patched if you make a new text file in the same directory as aurumcoin-qt.exe is:

Text file named run.bat contains:

aurumcoin-qt.exe -datadir=.

Source code:

13 years COINTECH

13 years ago was the first working day of “Confidential Informational Technologies – Rossen Karpuzov” private form similar as Pte. 8 years later was formed COINTECH EOOD (Gmbh/Ltd) to continue the traditions of supporting open standards and open source.

13 years we share open ideas, open source, free music or just free mind.

Happy Birthday