Aurumcoin AU – mempool dump

The chain is in stuck due high difficulty to mine. Everyone can share or rent (see the link in the left menu) hashrate mining on Debutech’s pool.

Regarding the problem with the mining process in the blockchain of Aurumcoin, there is the current status of the mempool (188 transactions).

We hope all of the mempool TXs will be included in the next block, but if they are not included manual import for some of them can be performed.

Special technical chat room is created for Telegram users:, but be patient, there is no 24×7 support.

Aurumcoin AU 0.12 final changes, ready for test

The latest source is merged to and waiting comments and source/program check. If there no any questions the community may adopt the new version.


  • newest stable version for the blockchain, two days are required to dominate
  • choose which inputs you want to use before send money, for advanced users
  • New build for Linux, Windows and MacOS
  • Choose your install destination (for your very first run)

MacOS 64bit:


MS Windows 64bit:


Linux 64bit:

Aurumcoin Au for Windows 64bit is ready for testing

The Wallet Aurumcoin AU version 12.0 beta1 for 64bit Windows ™ is ready for testing.


Well known bug: if you see message about wrong or Genesis block not found in the start, you probably have another wallet installed (most often Bitcoin). This can be patched if you make a new text file in the same directory as aurumcoin-qt.exe is:

Text file named run.bat contains:

aurumcoin-qt.exe -datadir=.

Source code:

Рекордна цена за Aurumcoin (AU)


Aurumcoin dостигна цена от 1,22 лв. за 1 AU. Напомняме, че на 4-ти септември т.г. стартира кампанията си в Indiegogo и има реалните шансове да усвои aurumcoin валутата за обезпечение със злато. От компанията Aurumcoin отправиха персонални покани към общността да съберем 150 000 AU, за да усвоят самата валута. Събраните средства можете да видите на сайта в карето “BACK IN GOLD”.

Aurumcoin vs Onecoin – final notes!

A few minutes ago post message that they are not affiliate with Onecoin!

This is official message posted on :

AurumCoin is completely legitimate and will be conducting an Indiegogo campaign this autumn. For more information about how AurumCoin works, please see the Facebook page or the website at If you have specific questions or concerns, please register at the website and you will receive an answer during the campaign.
AurumCoin will provide internationally-recognized and binding receipts and proof-of-purchase certification. Everything will be clear, legal, and transparent.
AurumCoin-One World One Coin is not related with OneCoin at all!

Follows some links in the message about the black PR for this myth.

Aurumcoin with new block explorer


Finally Aurumcoin has new separate explorer. This is required because the blockchain is hard to support in multicoin database. The key feature is support for paper wallets.


Paper wallets:

Tips are welcome at aurumcoin:1LyhEsbZVrCXsxh4puhR91Z8mFRMcgGh5C