Monday 27th March 2023
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu


Finally Aurumcoin has new separate explorer. This is required because the blockchain is hard to support in multicoin database. The key feature is support for paper wallets.


Paper wallets:

Tips are welcome at aurumcoin:1LyhEsbZVrCXsxh4puhR91Z8mFRMcgGh5C

8 thoughts on “Aurumcoin with new block explorer

  1. Thank you so much for your work on the aurumcoin block explorer. Where can aurumcoin be traded? And is the donation address… For aurumcoin or btc? Because I have some aurum I want to sent to you. I appreciate the time and effort it takes for you to maintain the AU block explorer. Let’s keep this one alive. I made a request to poloniex to have this coin added. We’ll see what happens I suppose…

    1. Hello Ryan,

      Thank you for your help and support the Aurumcoin!
      Currently no active exchange, but you can follow the threads in and this blog too for actual information.
      Actual voting for Aurumcoin have here:
      If you have not account in you can register direct or using referral link at the bottom left side in this page named “Trade on Bter”.

      Best Regards,

      1. I will be following very closely. And I will be voting on bter. Thanks for the link. I sent ya 5 more. Hopefully it will help you out somehow, someday. Once again I do appreciate your work. Excellent job by the way. Keep up the good work 🙂

        – Ryan –

        1. Hello Ryan,

          Thank you again for your donation! The explorer will be up and running while the community is alive. The community around this coin is strong! Keep your mined coins as gems!!!
          But if you want to share them you can do in other way, which is more helpful for the community: learn people how to use the wallets and the coins. You can seen that the wallets are available for Windows, Android, Linux, Mac OS and the source code is free too. If you print paper wallet and charge it with some AU is perfect gift for somebody (if he/she understand it).
          The limit of coins for mining make the coins a real jewels. Now 281 881.0625029 of 300 000 coins are mined. Nobody can say how much are lost or destroyed.

          1. The offer from How much is it going to take to make that offer a reality? And do u need BTC donations for that offer?

          2. Rossen. I’m sending you 300 AU. for the donation towards it’s not much. But…. don’t lose hope. Put it to good use. And if it doesnt work out … well….. u can reach me at

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